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While I awaited for The Dark Knight to Rise.

Professor: Some shit you of course wouldn’t listen to so that you can later sit down and write a chat-post on tumblr about it. Jay, Did you hear what I just say?

Me: No.

Professor: Why didn’t you listen to anything I just say?

Me (quietly) : It’s not raining.

Professor: I’m sorry?

Me: It isn’t raining.

Professor: Mr. Dave, do I have your full attention?

Me: No.

Professor: Do you think I deserve it?

Me: What?

Professor: Do you think I deserve your full attention?

Me: I didn’t have to swear any oath before we began this conversation and no law’s ever coming to me if I perjure but I’ll prefer to say no. (Cause I
want you to listen to my next answer, to be honest. A compulsory ‘lol’, to end such sentences, if I may.)

Professor: Okay. “No”, you don’t think I deserve your attention.

Me: I think if you want me to distract me from my wait for The Dark Knight Rises trailer #2 coming in a few hours from now, you have a right to give it a try cause I have paid my college fees. But there’s no requirement that I enjoy sitting here listening to your accounting bullshit. You have part of my attention—you have the minimum amount. The rest of my attention is; 1.] Back at the seven tabs opening a few web pages in my Google Chrome that can possibly show the exclusive trailer of a film that a man named Chris Nolan has made and happens to be an epic conclusion of the greatest legend I’ve ever looked forward to, 2.] On my thoughts on making the best conversation-starter that can help me impress some masters of physics who might finally help me build a time-machine that can turn the date on calendars as far as to 20th Jul, 2012, which, including and especially you and your commerce students here, are intellectually or creatively incapable of building. Did I adequately answer your not-so-condescending but hell-yeah-I-always-wanted-to-answer-such-questions question?

Long pause.

Professor: So, Cash Budget.